Voices of the River is an award-winning documentary web series shot along the Martuwarra Fitzroy River and showcases the inspiring and powerful words from 10 Traditional Owners along River and their fight to protect it from large-scale water extraction.

Starring Joe Brown, Mary Aiken, Pampila Hanson Boxer, Natalie Davey, Sandra Brooking, Anthony McLarty, Helen Malo, Emily Carter, Wayne Bergmann and Diane Chungal.

With Loretta Malo, Judy Ganambbarr, Sameira Ganambbarr, Zakio Ganambbarr and student from Muludja Remote Community School.

Directed and produced by Stephanie King

Cinematographer: John Chisholm

Editor: Jonathan Reed

Title design: Sean Valadao-Duarte 

Music: “MARTUWARRA” (Mr Joe Brown)

Translation: Ronnie Jimbidie, Diane Chungal, Millie Malo and Natalie Davey 

Additional footage: Stephanie King, Martin Prichard and Sarah Laborde

Archive: Bluey and Gloria Chandler, Bruce and Pearl Smoker, Joyce Hudson, Eirlys Richards, Laurel Sutcliffe and Wayne Bergmann

Trailer: Tamzin Langsford 

Trailer music: Martin King

Trailer mix: Jeremy Wilmot 

Special thanks to Monique Barker, Lisa Thomas, Martin Pritchard, Tim Nicol, Clara Williams Roldan, Lisa Hancock and Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media (PAKAM).

Thanks to Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre, Fitzroy River Lodge, Keren Masters and Mibalafoto, Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency, Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre, Marra Worra Worra and Muludja Remote Community School.

Presented By Environs Kimberley, The Kimberley - Like Nowhere Else and the Kimberley Land Council.

With support from Documentary Australia Foundation